Guri & Eider's "Modern Mantra" is a "Love letter of Resilience"

Upon listening to Guri & Eider's new album in its entirely, one is tempted to refer to it as the Balearic Islands' “Deep House Album of The Year” – though that might be an understatement; as with its many superbly-crafted songs, infused with such heartfelt melody and inspired vocals, it might very well be the album of 2023, and 2024 too. There’s staying power in this full length, making “Modern Mantra” sure to permeate through sound systems for a long time to come.

From the first track we can see a microcosm of the greater body of work – where uplifting, soul-sparking guitar notes make their appearance halfway through the composition, giving us a glimpse into the potential for surprise that this meditative long player has submerged within its depths. Building on layer-upon-layer of texture and groove, there is a certain patience and wisdom demonstrated throughout the 12 track journey–making the album, from a production standpoint alone, a veritable dance music opus. 

Energetic, hands-in-the-air tracks like “Dreams'' and “Light In The Darkness” will rock Burning Man-style parties such as Mayan Warrior, or the massive dancefloors akin to Amnesia Ibiza, and it would be a welcomed treat to witness the duo perform these songs in a large-scale setting such as that. Those familiar with their performances will agree that the duo’s live shows are as engaging as any other DJ/Live hybrid act performing in the booth today. 

Influenced by long-time Mallorca favorites such as Moloko and Crazy P from the earliest days of her youth, vocalist Eider reveals a conviction and honesty in her voice that would make her predecessors Roison Murphy and Danielle Moore proud to call her a musical disciple. “Keep dancing, we can do this,” the record seems to be saying. And a deep house fan, no matter where they live in the world, and no matter what age they are, cannot help but to abide by a groove such as this.  ★★★★★





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